Ignite the Spirit of Sunshine at Stepping Stones this Summer

Date posted: May 9, 2017

As summer nears, we’d like to introduce you to a young lady who is described by her parents as ‘sunshine’.

Sarah faces a lifetime of physical and intellectual challenges. She has limited verbal communication abilities and an uneven surface can knock her off balance, sending her falling to the ground. These challenges could be a recipe for fear and retreating from the wider world – but not for Sarah.

She is a joyful, confident and adventurous young woman. At 23, she has a part-time job working in the kitchen at Penn Station. She is also active in Stepping Stones’ Adult Day program three days a week, where she builds ever stronger independence skills that range from cooking and technology to better understanding her health needs.

Sarah is building her own path and pursuing her goals.

“Sarah has created a niche for herself, where she has friends and a job and a future,” said her mother, Mary Ann.

“It started when she was 5 or 6 and came to Stepping Stones’ summer camp.”

From camp, Sarah progressed through Stepping Stones’ programs. She attended our school-year Saturday Kids Club program since its launch in 2007. She then moved on to Saturday Young Adults Club and upon graduating from high school last year, joined the Adult Day Services program.

Sarah literally grew up in the Stepping Stones programs, which continue to help her grow. But it was at summer camp that Sarah developed her strong foundation.

“The transition to adult services can be a very scary time for parents,” her mother continued.

“But Sarah had built all that trust and independence at camp.”

Stepping Stones’ programs build stronger futures for hundreds of children, teens and adults like Sarah. These programs give individuals with disabilities the confidence and tools they need to face challenges and claim a future.

Join Us in Supporting Strong Programs at Stepping Stones!

As Stepping Stones’ enters our 54th camp season, our programs continue to evolve and meet the needs of people with disabilities, age 5 through 65-plus.

  • Several school districts use our summer day camps as an extended school-year program to maintain school readiness over the summer break.
  • This summer, we are adding music therapy to our camp program in Batavia, building ever stronger communication skills. 
  • Our Step-Up education program meets crucial needs of students with severe autism from 13 school districts.
  • Overnight respites expand independence skills and meet critical family needs. 

We hope that you will consider making a summer gift – to ignite the spirit of sunshine that Sarah exudes!

Ignite the Spirit of Sunshine & Make a Gift, Below:


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