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Countdown To Summer Camp
“Summer Camp is a place where Lexi feels a part of a group – a place where everyone knows her name and makes her feel welcome”
— Marian, a parent whose daughter Lexi is a participant in our Summer Day Camp program


Lexi loves summer camp, so she always gets excited when it’s time to prepare for another summer at Stepping Stones. In December, Marian registers Lexi for camp and, in February, Lexi goes to the doctor to complete her yearly physical. Stepping Stones is the one place where she is able to go swimming – one of her favorite parts about camp. So, in March, Lexi picks out a brand new swimsuit! Shortly before camp, Marian makes a trip to the grocery store to pick up Lexi’s favorite lunch: juice, a banana, pudding and goldfish crackers.

What strikes Marian about Stepping Stones is that whether she’s dropping Lexi off or picking her up from camp, Lexi always does a happy dance with a big smile on her face. “I feel completely comfortable leaving Lexi in their capable hands for the day,” Marian said.

We’re inviting you to be a part of the difference in the lives of hundreds of families who need Stepping Stones’ programs. Your contribution, no matter what size, is needed to keep this critical resource for our community’s children with disabilities and their families. Will you consider a donation to support Stepping Stones and children just like Lexi?

We sincerely appreciate your support! 

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