Adults with Disabilities Explore Employment Options in Adult Day Services

Date posted: July 11, 2017

Adult Disability Employment Options I Stepping StonesExpanding Horizons and Exploring New Opportunities

Adult Disability Employment Options I Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones’ programs are known for creating fun memories in the summertime, but they also open doors and enable participants to explore new opportunities they had not yet considered.  

Take our Adult Day Services program for example, where adults with a wide-range of disabilities engage in regular Employment Exploration activities.

Participants work in small groups to discuss various jobs, role-play to develop interview and on-the-job problem solving skills and routinely volunteer at organizations like Cincinnati Nature Center to gain first-hand experience assembling mailings and working in an office setting. 

Independent Living Experiences

Beyond exploring and observing various employment options, Adult Day participants also expand independence by learning how to use public transportation to travel around Greater Cincinnati. 

In the spring, Stepping Stones partnered with Metro to bring a prototype bus to our Norwood program location. Adults familiarized themselves with loading on and off of a public bus and signaled when they wanted to get off at a stop. This is a valuable independent living skill, both for traveling to and from work and expanding access across the city.

Join Us in Supporting Strong Programs at Stepping Stones!

Adult Disability Employment Options I Stepping Stones

From summer camp and beyond, you can support strong programs at Stepping Stones by making a summer gift. Through your gift, you join us in igniting the spirit of sunshine and building strong, independent futures for peoples with disabilities.

Ignite the Spirit of Sunshine & Make a Gift, Below:

Stepping Stones is a nonprofit, United Way partner agency and recipient of the BBB of Cincinnati’s 2016 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics. More than 1,000 children and adults with disabilities attend Stepping Stones’ year-round programs, at four beautiful locations in Greater Cincinnati. 

To learn more about our Adult Day Services program, click here – or phone (513) 831-4660.

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