Stepping Stones Programs Provide Routine and Serve the Whole Family

Date posted: December 20, 2018

Stepping Stones Programs Support People with Disabilities I Make a year-end gift that will serve families across Greater Cincinnati, Ohio

This holiday season, Stepping Stones invites you to celebrate the true family affair we see in our programs for people with disabilities!

Meet Jaiden and Rylan

Jaiden and Rylan have attended Summer Day Camp since 2015. They first enrolled at Stepping Stones as foster children. In May 2016, their loving foster parents Amy and Russ adopted them into their family and the brothers have continued to benefit from our programs.

Now age 10 and 8 respectively, Jaiden and Rylan routinely attend Saturday Kids Club throughout the school year and return to Day Camp every summer. Paired in different groups, both have been able to explore their individual interests at Stepping Stones. Jaiden enjoys spending time in Arts & Crafts and Rylan has found a love for fishing.

Needing a little extra support, Rylan also partners with a one-one-one staff named Izzi Gibbon and the two have formed a special bond.

Whenever we’re getting ready to leave the house and Rylan is being stubborn – all I have to say is: Do you want to go see Izzi? That does it,” shares his mother Amy. “He always wants to go see Izzi.”

Programs that Provide a Routine & Serve the Whole Family

In Stepping Stones’ programs, Jaiden and Rylan have successfully found a scheduled routine that fits their needs.

“They need something consistent,” explains Amy. “Being with friends and enjoying experiences that they can’t do at home. Stepping Stones really helps give them the routine they need.”

At home, Amy also cares for her elder mother and their third adopted son, Justin. Now age 5, Justin will join Rylan and Jaiden in Saturday Kids Club in January – providing a much needed break for a busy mom.

“All three of my boys have different needs and Stepping Stones supports the whole family,” shares Amy.

“I’m able to have a break where I don’t have to worry. The phone rings when they’re at school and I think ‘Gosh, what happened?’ but with Stepping Stones – I never need to worry. It helps me be a better mom.”

Make a Gift to Support Families at Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones’ programs provide a second home where individuals with disabilities find a sense of belonging while stepping into their own. We could not provide this vital service to the community without your support.

This giving season, we invite you to make a year-end gift to Stepping Stones.

Your contribution will benefit families around Greater Cincinnati – just like Jaiden and Rylan’s.

To make a holiday gift to support families at Stepping Stones, Click Below:

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