Visionaries + Voices Partners with Stepping Stones

Date posted: April 15, 2019

Visionaries + Voices partners with Stepping Stones program for students with autism.

Zach removes the foundational layer of masking tape in his Resist Art project to reveal a creative design.

Students of Step-Up are benefiting from a new partnership between Stepping Stones and Visionaries + Voices.

Founded in 2003, the local nonprofit is committed to creating a more inclusive arts community. The partnership with Stepping Stones is a perfect fit and empowers our students with severe autism to channel their behaviors into a creative outlet. 

Every Friday, Visionaries + Voices leads art classes that promote social interaction, emotional growth and sensory integration. Working with educational aides, our students follow V+V instructors’ step-by-step instructions to create a variety of art projects. 

In a recent visit, groups explored a technique known as Resist Art.

Students began by applying masking tape to a canvas in a design of their choosing. They then set out to paint over the tape with a variety of tools. Rather than using traditional paintbrushes, they painted with balloons, sponges and even forks to experiment with texture. After completing their painting, they removed the masking tape to unveil beautiful masterpiece of their own.

“I think the coolest thing about having Visionaries + Voices come is seeing how creative our students truly are,” said Step-Up’s Educational Services Director Julie Hendricks.

“By nature, a lot of the evidence-based practices we use with students with autism are structured and closed-ended,” Hendricks continued. “V+V is a great opportunity for students to show their individuality and uniqueness.”

Stepping Stones founded Step-Up in 2004 as the region’s first autism alternative education program. We are proud to partner with Visionaries + Voices and work together in promoting inclusion throughout our community.

To learn more about Visionaries + Voices and their work around Cincinnati, click here.


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