Chair Yoga Comes to Adult Day Services

Date posted: February 5, 2020

Chair Yoga Comes to Adult Day Services at Stepping Stones I Cincinnati, Ohio

Temeka practices the triangle pose in Adult Day Services.

Participants of Adult Day Services at Stepping Stones’ Drex Campus in Norwood have been enjoying the benefits of chair yoga!   

Community volunteer and certified instructor Michael Lau has been leading regular Wednesday classes in the year-round program since Fall 2019. Participants are given the opportunity to attend chair yoga over other afternoon activities and the sessions have grown in popularity each week.

From around 10 adults in the first class to more than 25 regular attendees currently, the activity has become a true favorite of the program and we continue to look forward to Lau’s visits. 

Having Fun While Improving Wellness

“I have arthritis,” shared Temeka, a regular at chair yoga. “The classes help stretch out my body, move my bones and get my blood flowing. And — they’re fun!” 

During his visits, Lau guides program participants through yoga poses such as the triangle and warrior – making modifications as needed based on each individual’s ability and range of motion. He also instructs everyone through breathing exercises and stretches to improve circulation. Our participants laugh and smile with one another during class, encouraging everyone to join in. 

“I love the interaction and enthusiasm of the participants and the connection we make each class,” shared instructor Michael Lau.

“Chair yoga is a great way to get energized and provides a good change of pace in the day. Best of all, it also builds a great sense of community!”

Chair Yoga Comes to Adult Day Services at Stepping Stones I Cincinnati, Ohio

Brain and yoga instructor Michael Lau greet one another at the start of a chair yoga class.

Chair Yoga Comes to Adult Day Services at Stepping Stones I Cincinnati, Ohio

Direct Support Professional Cedric Campbell assists Everett with a stretch.

About Adult Day Services
Stepping Stones’ Adult Day Services runs weekdays throughout the year at three program locations, including the Drex Campus in Norwood as well as sites in Batavia and Monfort Heights. The weekday program serves adults and seniors with a wide-range of disabilities and empowers participants to build independence and strengthen ties to the community. To learn more about Adult Day Services, click here


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