Stepping Stones Supporter Spotlight

Date posted: March 18, 2020

Meet Michelle Jones – Longtime Stepping Stones’ Supporter

Q: How long have you supported Stepping Stones?

A: My love for Stepping Stones blossomed when my three boys, Harrison, Colin and Palmer volunteered as elementary children at summer camp. Now, my boys are 23, 20 and 19 years old. Stepping Stones has been a wonderful part of my life for a long, satisfying time.

Q: Was there a specific moment or event that opened your eyes to the Mission of Stepping Stones?

A: I listened to my children talk about their day at camp and their stories educated me on the life skills they learned at Stepping Stones. They made connections, learned courtesy and how to respect all individuals. They became friends with participants that encouraged my boys to volunteer on the days their new friends would attend. The most inspiring thing for me about Stepping Stones, is that we can help a child or an adult with a disability smile. We get to see them happy with others and help support their abilities!

Q: Do you remember when/where your love for philanthropy began?

A: Service to me began when I was 9 years old volunteering at the St. Rita’s School for Deaf. My family would give back one card at a time at the blackjack table during the annual festival.

Q: What are other charities/organizations you support?

A: I am currently a board member for both Boys Hope Girls Hope and The Karen Wellington Foundation. My husband Kevin and I support organizations that create a positive change to our beautiful City. Some of the other organizations we support include: The Opera, REDI Cincinnati, The Children’s Hospital Medical Center, The Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and 3CDC.

Kevin and I were so humbled last year when we were honored with the Aspire Cincinnati Award created by The Assistance League of Greater Cincinnati. This award recognizes community leaders and philanthropists with a “Passion to Inspire and Aspire” with a commitment to giving back to the local community. What an honor!

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment – personally or professionally?

A: My family is definitely my biggest life accomplishment.

Q: What are some fun facts you would like to share?

A: I have two dogs named Crosley and Bueller. Yes, that’s right, from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I am a huge Bearcat fan, love to watch the redlegs and the Bengals. I have a food and travel blog, that helps others learn more about our city’s wonderful treasures. We are so lucky to have so many great restaurants and chefs in our city. Colorado is my favorite state and I love to all outdoor activities. Kevin and I love our city and hope to leave it better than it was when we got here.

We are forever grateful for the support of Michelle Jones and her wonderful family. You have brought may years of joy to the participants who attend Stepping Stones. Thank you for your continued support for Stepping Stones and our local community.


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