Stepping Stones Supporter Spotlight

Date posted: June 1, 2023

Meet Steve & Sabrina Mennen – Stepping Stones Supporters

Steve and Sabrina Mennen have been longtime supporters of Stepping Stones for nearly 15 years. Steve is the event chair for The Golf Classic and currently serves on the board of trustees. Steve and Sabrina support Stepping Stones throughout the year by volunteering and attending our special events.

Steve first became involved with Stepping Stones through a United Way campaign. As he was researching the potential charitable organizations, he discovered United Cerebral Palsy of Greater Cincinnati. He had written a school paper on Cerebral Palsy when he was in 5th grade, which ultimately drew him to the organization and their cause. He continued to engage with the organization when they merged with Stepping Stones and has been a supporter ever since.

Steve and Sabrina are motivated by the dedicated staff at Stepping Stones and their commitment to the participants. They feel that their support directly goes towards the individuals that Stepping Stones serves, which is important to them. “It is also very inspirational to see how efficiently the funds for the various programs are maximized to deliver the greatest value possible to the participants”, said Steve and Sabrina when asked about their inspiration to support Stepping Stones.

In addition to philanthropy, Steve and Sabrina greatly value their family and have three daughters. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Steve and Sabrina love to visit their friends and family that still live there. They are big fans of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and love to attend football and basketball games together.  


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