New! Fast Easy Online Registration

Date posted: March 10, 2013

Responding to feedback from participants, parents and caregivers, we are introducing online program registration. To get started, click on the link and set up an online account. Then complete the annual enrollment form, which includes a medical form which can be sent via the system to your doctor. After that, you can quickly register and pay for programs throughout the year.

According to Kelly Lund, Stepping Stones staffer who led the online registration project, the instructions in the registration system will guide users through the process. But, just in case you need extra help, Kelly has developed online registration instructions which include her phone number.

Links to the new online registration system and the instructions are found throughout our website–on the general registration page and on each Program’s registration page. If you prefer to print out the forms and submit them through the mail or by fax, they are still located on our website, as well.

Try out the online program registration now:


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