Overnight Staycation Program Explores Creativity

Date posted: July 5, 2019

Stepping Stones Camp Allyn Overnight Staycation program serve teens and adults with disabilities.

Jessica puts the finishing touches on her volcano,.

In Stepping Stones’ Summer Overnight Staycation program, teens and adults with disabilities move into Camp Allyn for six-day retreats! Located in Batavia, the scenic 46-acre property is the perfect setting for outdoor recreation activities. While our summer program season got off to somewhat of a rainy start, that in no way dampened the level of fun our participants are having in program.

In addition to favorite activities like archery, fishing, boating and swimming – the teen and adult Overnight Staycation participants also are able to get in touch with their creative side through a variety of art projects.

One of favorite recent art projects was making volcanos out of an assortment of materials. Participants started with a paper plate as the base, then added paper mâché over a cup to create the shape of their volcano. Once the volcano structure was set, they added paint as the finishing touch. 

Other recent art projects include making maracas, designing binoculars from used paper towel rolls and making bird houses. They’ve also had fun rehearsing dance numbers and vocal performances for weekly talent shows!

Enjoy a video of the Overnight Staycation Volcano Projects Coming to Life:


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