Stepping Stones Supporter Spotlight

Date posted: January 29, 2020

Meet Patti Zesch – 2020 Open Your Heart Chair and Stepping Stones Board of Trustees Member

Mission Enthusiast, Charismatic Leader & Stepping Stone Sustainer

For Patti Zesch, the mission is clear, “I enjoy giving back to my local community to keep myself and my family grounded and productive members of the community.” Patti Zesch, chair of Stepping Stones’ Open Your Heart and current Board of Trustees member, volunteered at Stepping Stones as a teenager. She fell in love as she watched her father, Cromer Mashburn, intently during his time with Rotary Club of Cincinnati, which was heavily involved with the Stepping Stones Allyn Campus.

Her father’s role and philanthropic background strengthened Patti’s passion for giving back. This is Patti’s third year as chair for Stepping Stones’ Open Your Heart dinner including the upcoming February 4 event at Eddie Merlot’s in Montgomery. The purpose of the event is a celebration of Stepping Stones’ mission to build pathways to independence and promote inclusion for people with developmental and physical disabilities.

Patti is inspired by the board and staff at Stepping Stones. “Both groups are genuine and pour their heart into everything they do.” said Patti “Supporting Stepping Stones and other charities creates a positive example for my children.” Patti and her foundation support several local organizations including; Wiz Kids for City Gospel, Boys & Girls Club of Cincinnati and LaSoupe.

Patti’s Children: Left: Joshua Jones with Chelsea Zesch Right: Carlton & Libby Zesch

In addition to her philanthropy, Patti’s biggest accomplishment is her role as a mother. Patti and her family, including her husband, Rob and children Carlton & Chelsea, together support Patti and her enthusiasm to give back. Patti also has two German Shepherds, Mika & Ruger, and an African Parrot, Rosie. Patti loves playing games like Mahjong, learning needlepoint, watching FC Cincinnati, dining for brunch at Forno’s in Hyde Park and supporting her community in any way she can.

Mika, Ruger & Rosie Bird

Stepping Stones is so grateful and lucky to have Patti as a Stepping Stones mission enthusiast. Thank you, Patti, for sharing the mission to help people with disabilities find pathways to independence.


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