REALTORS with Heart Donate AED’s to Stepping Stones

Date posted: February 12, 2020

RWH Chair Mark Rankin, RWH Vice Chair Valerie Crow, Christ Hospital EMS Coordinator Mark Johnston, RWH Founder Laurie Nippert Leonard & Stepping Stones Executive Director Chris Adams.

Stepping Stones Receives Gifts to Save Lives!

Yesterday, February 11th, Stepping Stones Allyn Campus received two Automated External Defibrillators, also known as AED, from the Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors‘ REALTORS with Heart program. Realtors with Heart was founded by Laurie Nippert Leonard with a mission to make Greater Cincinnati a heart-safe community through CPR/AED Training, AED placement and advocacy.

Left to Right: RWH Valerie Crow, RWH Founder Laurie Nippert Leonard & RWH Chairman Mark Rankin talk about the importance of AED training to save more lives!

“As a matter of citizenship, every single person should be able to do CPR and know how to use an AED confidently.” Laurie expresses to the audience. “One person can make a difference.”

The Allyn Campus here at Stepping Stones has 47-acres owned by The Rotary Foundation of Cincinnati and operates year-round, serving individuals with disabilities. Laurie recognized the need for additional AED’s while working on a fall landscaping project for the future miniature golf course. Aside from the nurses and staff that are trained in CPR and AED use, two additional AED’s can shorten the response time to save a life.

Stepping Stones Executive Director Chris Adams says he is forever grateful to Realtors with Heart. “We would not be able to go out and purchase two of these,” Adams said. “And with Laurie’s personal donation, and also with the organization’s donation, we’re going to be well equipped to deal with any kind of situations that happen out here.”

We are beyond grateful for the generous donation to Stepping Stones! If you need more information on becoming CPR/AED certified, please visit Realtors with Heart to find out more! You too can be a hero! 

Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors’ REALTORS with Heart program present Stepping Stones’ Allyn Campus with two additional AED’s for the 47-acre property that serves individuals with disabilities.

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