Step Up Autism Alternative Education Students Hunt for Easter Eggs

Date posted: April 13, 2022

Getting in the spirit of the season, students of Stepping Stones’ Step Up Autism Alternative Education program participated in an Easter Egg Hunt on April 12 at our Given Campus. 

The festivities were planned ahead of the students upcoming spring break and created a sense of fun and outdoor exploration in between lessons. The day began with the Transition classroom leading a mission to tuck Easter Eggs in nooks and crannies around the grounds for the younger students to find in the afternoon.

The eggs featured a variety of surprises inside, including small toys, seasonal stamps, stickers, temporary tattoos and – of course – candy!

Following lunch, students filed outdoors for the big Easter Egg Hunt! Each student and their educational aide were assigned a designated color to be on the lookout for as they made their way around. This created a fun added challenge while helping them track progress throughout the hunt with everyone having six eggs to locate.

The unique Step Up Autism Alternative Education program was founded in 2004 as the first of its kind in the region. Stepping Stones partners with Greater Cincinnati public school districts to provide an alternative placement for students who have been unable to succeed in a typical classroom setting. They instead step outside of their home district and continue their studies at our 23-acre Indian Hill location on Given Road. 

Find more photos of Step Up’s Easter Egg Hunt in the photo gallery, here.

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