Financial Assistance FAQs

Stepping Stones is a nonprofit United Way partner agency providing year-round programs for people with disabilities. We have four program locations in Greater Cincinnati and proudly serve more than 1,000 individuals each year.

Stepping Stones is pleased to offer Financial Assistance of up to 50% to support the programming needs of families. All Financial Aid requests are processed in chronological order, after all information is received. The level of aid is determined by the family size and annual income threshold, plotted in the chart below, for up to a maximum 50% discount on services.

Eligibility Requirements for Aid:

How do I apply for Financial Assistance?

As Financial Assistance is limited, please submit your application as early as possible. Please allow 5-10 business days for the processing of your application. 
  1. When completing the Stepping Stones application, select the payment option ‘Requesting Financial Assistance’. 
  2. At that time, please contact the Accounting Department at (513) 559-2442. To determine eligibility, Stepping Stones will need you to provide your Family Size and one of the following documents:
    • Page 1 of your tax return from the previous calendar year
    • A recent pay stub
    • Social Security Income (SSI) Determination Letter

Financial Assistance Policy:

To serve as many families as possible, Stepping Stones has implemented a maximum financial assistance (cap) amount from May 1, 20xx – April 30, 20xx. This cap is renewable each year, in the order of request, as long as a family continues to file the appropriate paperwork and meet the financial aid requirements.
  • Individual: Up to $1,500 of aid
  • Family (2 or more): Up to $2,500 of aid
 * Note, only one filing status may be selected annually. 

How Will I be Notified?

  • You will be notified by mail upon application approval.
  • A confirmation letter will be sent from our intake department.
  • Note, approval of Financial Assistance does not confirm enrollment. 

* Financial Assistance is granted for Recreation & Leisure programs only.

If you have any questions about Financial Assistance at Stepping Stones, please contact the Director of Finance Melissa Geis by email or call her office at (513) 559-2442.