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  • Summer 2020
Summer Day Camp - Week 6

Photos of summer fun during our sixth week of Summer Day Camp this season!

Overnight Staycation - Session 6

From fun making powder sidewalk chalk and mini green houses to an Operation Sunshine dinner and final days at the pool, enjoy photos from our sixth Overnight Staycation for teens and adults at Camp Allyn.

Summer Day Camp - Week 5

Photos of summer fun during our fifth week of Summer Day Camp!

Overnight Staycation - Session 5

From fun making flower crowns to skill-building at the archery range, enjoy photos from our fifth Overnight Staycation of the summer at Camp Allyn.

Summer Day Camp - Week 4

From turtles and fish at the lake to slime and pool time, our fourth week of day camp was a busy one! Enjoy photos of summer fun at our Given Campus.

Overnight Staycation - Session 4

Enjoy photos from our fourth Overnight Staycation of the summer at Camp Allyn in Batavia, Ohio.

Overnight Staycation - Session 3

During our third Overnight Staycation of the season, participants produced short films for the Camp Allyn Film Festival!

The film festival was a creative way for our four small groups to participate in a program-wide event, while staying apart. Each group independently wrote a script, performed, filmed and edited a short film. At a private viewing party, they then enjoyed seeing the other groups' works before an Oscars award ceremony.

Isn't it amazing what you can do with some creativity, imagination and an iPhone?

Summer Day Camp

Summer fun from weeks 2 and week 3 of Summer Day Camp at our Given Campus in Indian Hill.

Overnight Staycation - Session 2

The outdoor summer adventures continue in our second Overnight Staycation of the season at the Allyn Campus.

Summer Day Camp's 2020 Season Has Begun

Our day camp season kicked off on Monday, June 29! Enjoy photos of summer fun from our first week of camp.

Let the Overnight Staycation Adventures Begin

After a delayed start, the summer adventures have begun in Stepping Stones' Overnight Staycation program! On June 28th, participants age 16 and above moved into our scenic 47-acre Camp Allyn location for an adventurous five-day retreat.